ELM Thanks Representatives Who Signed Letter

Environment Advocates thank Representatives Kulik for action on letter opposing ratepayer pipeline subsidies.

April 25, 2016

Re: Thank You for Opposing Gas Pipeline Subsidies

Dear Representative Kulik:

The Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) would like to thank you for signing the recent letter by Representatives Stephen Kulik and Brad Jones expressing your opposition to ratepayer financing for new gas pipeline infrastructure. The news last week that Kinder Morgan is suspending its Northeast Energy Direct gas pipeline project illustrates that large new gas pipelines are not necessary to meet our energy needs and pose a major risk for Massachusetts customers. Your leadership will continue to be important, as the upcoming House energy bill should not move us backward and force Massachusetts electric customers to subsidize similar projects, such as the Spectra Access Northeast gas pipeline. One gas pipeline does not represent a compromise, just an expensive pipeline that we do not need.

ELM and our partners look forward to working with you further to develop comprehensive energy legislation that reduces our reliance on imported fossil fuels and harnesses our renewable energy resources, including offshore wind, onshore wind, hydropower, and solar. This will strengthen our economy by creating jobs right here in the Commonwealth and reduce the billions of dollars we spend each year on out-of-state fossil fuels.

Thank you again for your support on this important policy matter. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions about the House energy bill.


George Bachrach

Erica Mattison
Legislative Director

Josh Craft
Program Director

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